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Content marketing is how you share your content to turn readers into paying customers. With the right tools, you can make your work easier, get more people interested, and increase sales. These 10 powerful content marketing tools can help you share your content better, improve your social media, organize your tasks, and learn more about what your audience likes.

Content Marketing Tools

Here are some content marketing tools that you can use:

1. Buffer

Buffer is a great tool to plan and schedule your social media posts. Making sure that you are posting at consistent times every day will give your readers the impression that you are always there.

2.  Trello

Are you always overlooking things that you put in your notes or any random post-its that you find? Are you having a hard time marking what is done and what is still in progress? Trello is a great tool for that, keep updated on the status of everything you have on your notes.

3.  Evernote

Speaking of note-taking, nothing beats the best note-taking app there is. Keep everything synced and updated across all your devices. From random notes to full-blown notebooks, keep them here and categorize them by tags so you can search in the future.

4.  Canva

Are you not an expert in Photoshop? Do you find yourself hiring people for the simplest graphic jobs? Save more by using Canva; it makes everybody a designer. Just create an account and start being a designer by dragging and dropping elements and photos into your canvas.

5.  Survey Monkey

A good business cares about what its customers think of it. Survey Monkey is a great tool to create surveys that you can let your customers answer. In this way, you will know what they think, and you will be able to adjust based on their feedback.

6. Mail Chimp

A good way to build followers and get customers is to build your email list. When you have an email list, you can make sure that you reach people who are really interested in your product or service. MailChimp is a great way to send out those newsletters. MailChimp is a great way to send out those newsletters.

7. Rapportive

In any business, the number one thing that any owner should build is rapport with all potential clients and customers. Rapportive does just that; it connects you to potential contacts and lets you build rapport with them.

8. Scraper

Are you tired of hiring virtual assistants or data encoders just to scrape data that you find on other sites or data from your competitor’s site? Scraper is a tool to do just that; it scrapes all the information and transfers it to an Excel spreadsheet.

9. Sniply

Are you tired of always typing a call to action at the bottom of your articles or contents? Sniply is the perfect tool for you; it attaches a call-to-action button at the bottom of all your content. In this way, you are sure to get the attention of readers and raise the chance of converting them into customers.

10. Google Keyword Tool

This is an important tool that you should never overlook. For search engine optimization purposes, it is a good idea to have a working keyword so you can appear at the top of search engines.

After reading about the 10 powerful content marketing tools, what else are you waiting for? Start now and watch your business flourish.

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