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Do you want to build a website for your blog or business? The success of your website as well as your business not only depends on its web design and the services you’d like to offer.

You should consider which is the best content management system or also known as CMS to use. The CMS improves site maintenance, it can help you change the design of your site whenever you like it, you can manage the appearance of your website, and it also allows multiple users.

But the real question is, what are the differences between WordPress and Drupal, to think that they are both CMS that have been on the web over the years?

In most cases, where people are very confused about which one to use because of the reviews published online or suggestions from their professional networks.

Here are the things that will enlighten you about whether to use WordPress or Drupal.


The world’s most popular CMS was released on May 27, 2003, with more than 40,000 plugins available to choose from, its learning curve is very easy and great for beginners, bloggers, and even businesses. When you go over the dashboard, everything you see in it is self-explanatory, WordPress was made to use by everyone, it does not require you to have knowledge in hard coding.

As of May 5, 2016, there are 140,000 million webmasters and bloggers who use WordPress, as a matter of fact, it offers the following features:

• Full standards compliance
• Cross-blog communication tools
• Spam protection
• Password Protected Posts
• Easy installation and upgrades
• Typographical niceties
• Bookmarklets
• Multiple authors
• WordPress pages, links, and themes
• XML-RPC interface
Some of the well-known websites used WordPress such as Sony, CNN, Forbes, Best Buy, and The New York Times.


It is one of the most comprehensive CMS being used by web developers to create travel websites or e-commerce sites. Drupal was released on January 15, 2001, after WordPress has been released two years ago, it has over 30,000 modules and the learning curve is steep, but once you go over to the dashboard and roam around in it, everything is possible to do.

As of May 5, 2016, there are 15 million webmasters and people using Drupal CMS, some of the well-known websites that trusted Drupal to be their CMS are the NCAA, NBA, The Weather Channel, and the White House official website.
Drupal has also lots of features to offer like the following list:
• Electronic commerce
• Blogs
• Collaborative authoring environments
• Forums
• Peer-to-peer networking
• Newsletters
• Podcasting
• Picture galleries
• File uploads and downloads

When it comes to security, WordPress and Drupal are both capable of handling hackers, it just depends on the security precautions that are being taken on the site. A rumor like Drupal is way safer than WordPress is not true, if you prefer easy navigation we can suggest that you use WordPress but if you are a code master Drupal is the best solution for you.

These two popular CMS are both SEO-friendly and flexible, let this article be your guide when choosing what CMS to use. We hope you have found the answers to your question.

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