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1,750 every month

At our company, we are proud to offer a comprehensive package that includes monthly web hosting. With this package, you will also benefit from essential features such as web security, backups, maintenance, and a free SSL certificate to ensure the security and smooth operation of your website.


While the domain needs to be purchased separately, we provide web assistance to guide you through the process. Trust our team to provide you with a complete solution for your web hosting needs.



  1. Web Security
  2. Backups
  3. Maintenance
  4. Domain ** to be purchased separately ** + Web Assistance


** Cancel Anytime **

  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • Secured Payments
  • Reliable Support Hub
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Our inclusive package offers the following inclusions:
Web security:
Ensuring the protection and security of your website from potential threats


Take regular backups of your website data to safeguard against data loss.


Ongoing website maintenance to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.


Domain to be purchased separately + web assistance
Assistance in purchasing a domain for your website, along with guidance throughout the process.


A free SSL certificate to encrypt data and provide a secure browsing experience for your visitors


With these valuable inclusions, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is secure, well-maintained, and supported by our team. Please note that the domain needs to be purchased separately, but we provide assistance throughout the process.



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