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Marketing is the very core of every business, it provides entrepreneurs and their teams with a solid strategy plan where to keep their eyes on the goal. It also saves time and money if the marketing strategy is well-planned. Gone were the days when all you have to do is rely on offline marketing which is print ads on billboards and in newspapers. Our new era allows us to maximize our marketing efforts.

Thus, the best marketing strategy is to own your website. Nevertheless here are the most effective marketing strategies you can start as soon as possible.

1.    Embrace The Current Trend

We know that content is king, but video or live streaming nowadays is more engaging. It brings out the creativity in you, notice the number of viewers and shares of other companies posted on Facebook.

Creating and posting a simple video does not necessarily mean that it will drive more leads but, it can provide you with loyal customers and site viewers. You must create a video where everyone can relate, this is the moment to be remarkable in the eyes of everyone.

2.    Make Use Of Free Online Tools

Using these free online tools can lessen your expenses and provide you with more efficient ways on how can you interact with your target markets. Here below are some of the effective online tools you can use:

Survey Monkey– This goes with a free plan that allows you to create 10 questions about your products or services and 100 responders. In this way, you can have an idea of which area of your business still has room for improvement.

SumoMe– For email subscription and email growth, this online tool will help you to hook more readers. Compared to other subscription plugins in WordPress or even Chrome Extension, SumoMe will wait for seconds before they pop up, aside from the plugin they offer, it comes with insights into how many subscribers open your newsletter or not.

Just Reach Out– Find writers or journalists who share the same interests, you just have to insert a certain keyword related to your business and this free online marketing tool will lead you to reporters and writers to cover your business.

3.    Join Networking Events

During this event, you’ll find it more beneficial to you as you go disseminate your business cards, flyers, and catalog.  A networking event or business exhibition allows you to showcase your products and services with unlimited attendees all at the same time.

4.    Have Your Own Website

An absolute way and the best marketing strategy is to own your website. This will serve as your online professional portfolio as well as your place to accept inquiries and receive job orders from your clients. If you have your own website, you can post any products or services you’d like to promote, there would be a special place for your customers to contact you and deliver the message that you’d be the perfect solution for their needs.

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